Sunday, January 29, 2012

SL and windows expert needed to...

help me get back on. its steadily refusing connection for me today.

i have no idea why. time out something? Nvidia card generates another code when SLs running.

what are the optimum settings.



update: the error code i get is now above.


Anonymous said...

what viewer are you using?

*COMPLETELY uninstall that viewer and delete ALL caches including your user caches. Try using CrapCleaner:

*Reinstall and attempt login.

Josey said...

What is the specific error? Are your graphics drivers crashing?

Do you have the latest version of your viewer?

Try turning all your graphics down to low and loading. That's a temporary fix I used while I was waiting for updated drivers and SL to patch their viewers to fix their OpenGL issues.

Asudem Latex said...

next time nvidia coughs up an error code i'll post it.



Anonymous said...

A quick search in google of the error text found the following thread in the nVidia forums:

Starting at message nine they refer to second life

Josey said...

Yep this is the same issue I was having. It's a problem specifically with SL and the way they implement openGL and nVidia drivers past I believe version 260 (which is very old by now)

To fix it, download and use this RLV viewer

I use it now and I don't crash anymore. It's not the best viewer out there as far as major options but it works and doesn't crash. You can use it as a stop gap until Linden Labs releases the proper patch to the game that corrects this problem and everyone else codes it into their custom viewers.

Asudem Latex said...

thanks Josey - i am using it and still get the errors. i'll see if there's a newer version.


Josey said... may need to roll back your drivers then to an older version. I forget the exact one, I'll have to ask Batche which one it is but I'm pretty sure it's one of the Geforce 260 release drivers.

You can go to their website and download past drivers and try doing that. That's what I used to do to get SL to work until this latest version of RLV came out. It's not 100% fixed because Batche still crashes from time to time yet strangely I don't so I don't really know.

Natsuki.Sakai said...

Believe it or not, I had a very similar problem with my GPU. The solution that seemed to work for me was taking it out of its slot (PCI-E), blowing\using compressed air on the slot and putting it in firmly. So it COULD be dust in your slot making all the weird errors. It's worth a shot. =)

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