Saturday, March 14, 2015

how do you save a webm file??

its this link;

which is this amazing video.... and i don't want to loose it.

must be some computer geeks reading this blog?


ps; it worked - thanks commenters


Anonymous said...

You just have to download it with Save As.
Reuploaded to

Brynnrubberdoll said...

I was able to play it after selecting Save As... I am running Media Player Classic with the K-lite codec pack if you're having trouble playing it.

Fwoggle said...

Firefox is easy.... Highlight the link text, save as, and webm files can play with vlc player just fine.

John Evans said...

Like the above commenters said: Don't underestimate the power of the right-click context menu. :)

Right-click, save as, then play in Media Player Classic or your up-to-date player of choice.

zilvara said...

i think thi is that video or a simular one from them in gif format to in sections you might also like it to hope it helps

Anonymous said...

Managed to save onto my phone using the default Samsung Web browser. It's the best 23 second video I've seen in ages.