Sunday, June 07, 2015

first off - who makes this steel heel and 11 interesting heel facts

10+1 Facts About High Heels That Will Surprise You (found on Felife)

1. In ancient Egypt butchers wore high heel shoes in order to step over the blood and the carcass of animals they slaughtered,but the butchers were not the only ones apparently. There are numerous instances of heeled sandals depicted on murals drawn by the ancient Egyptians.

2. Egyptian nobility wore heeled shoes in order to set themselves apart from the common man. Far the most part the labor class went about bare footed.

3. The Romans and the Greeks wore platform sandals commonly referred to as Kothorni or buskins. these shoes were platforms placed on top of high wooden cork soles mostly worn by actors to set themselves apart from other social classes.

4. In ancient Rome high heels were used to identify ladies of the night this tradition has carried on through modern times especially elaborately high heeled stilettos are often worn by prostitutes.

5. The red Louboutin soles on their made to measure high heels were inspired by a prototype copy of a new shoe style that just didn’t make a statement. He wasn’t satisfied with the look of the shoe, he looked around and saw an assistant painting her nails bright red so he grabbed the nail polish and painted the entire bottom of the black sole of the shoe and so it goes. This became his trademark.

6. The wedding between Catherine de’ Medici and the Duke of Orleans in 1533 was the first instance of a pair of high heels being worn at a wedding. Her shoes were made in Florence Italy, as a result the Italian high heels became the norm for ladies of the Dukes Court and Florence became famous for their Italian high heel shoes.

7. Persian warriors wore heeled shoes in order for their feet to stay fixed in the stirrups when they were engaged in battle.

8. Turkey became famous for some of the highest heels ever made. during the Middle Ages a shoe coldest Chopine was created out of cork and wood. Many women who wore the Chopine and needed a cane or the aid of a servant to help them get around.

9. Salvatori Ferragamo invented the wedge shoe, but it was invented out of necessity rather than inspiration. During the forties Italy was sanctioned because of the war and did not have access to steel for traditional shoes. After much experimentation with Sardinian cork he put together a wedge shoe that became very popular within a few weeks.

10. In 2004 James Syiemiong an Indian shoe designer introduced a 20 inch high platform boot. These boots were made in denim and in red and black leather.

11.So if your wearing your pumps in egypt your not laying slab for them crazy triangle thingys?
But the minute you step off your camel in rome they become Cum fuck me pumps?


Agithe said...

okay, that list is a bit creative with the truth.
most of those are forms of platform shoes or sandal. or is talking about galoshes and pattens.

Anonymous said...

They may be a private commission for Sandra-Fetish in geermany, but she refuses to name her maker.

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