Friday, August 14, 2015

a perfect hypnotic trigger?

i am still incredibly fascinated by what could be done with hypnosis, fetishism, dolls and even bdsm. sadly no first hand experience of really getting it to work let alone stick.

one idea i had was a physical trigger to the desired state rather that just text or a recording. also it would provide Hypno Fetish Domes with some merchandise to sell along with the MP3s etc.

i think i spotted this on ETSY or Ebay. add some rouged cheeks...

has anyone out there had real results with hypnosis to deeply explore their fetishistic needs and desires? Queen's Thrall had made progress.

please share and also love any recommendations of Hypno MP3s and suitable HypnoDommes.



Anonymous said...

To be frank, there is no "perfect" post-hypnotic trigger.

There is no one-size-fits-most answer. That's not how real hypnotic trance works. :)

What there are, are ways to induce a trance state, and then ways to bring it back as if bookmarked. Some can do it with words, others with narrative more specifically. Others need images or sounds. Others still need physical contact of some sort, they're haptic (hands-on) or propriocentric (about body position or body sensation).

Only some of that is about the talent (or lack thereof) of any given casual hypnotist. What matters _more_ are the trust, consent and desire of the person going under. Any idiot (read: myself) can be mediocre at hypnosis and still have a decent previous track record by virtue of screening for women (or people) who REALLY want what I offer. That's not me or my talent speaking: that's the others, and their desire to be changed and to be controlled.

And you wonder why the fiction side of things is a turn-off for me: it's the exact polar opposite of how things really work. When they work. And the rest of it is only porn done to a horror trope, excessively.

But yeah. There's no ONE way to do it. It boils down to finding someone trustworthy who knows how you go under. And then consenting to it. Anything less is cheating and will fail you at some point. Been there, stuck with that.

Brad Poe (Happy Birthday to Me, all that)

Unknown said...

Sorry I left my previous comment anonymously--force of habit and lack of caffeine kicked in.

Point is, even if you think you have THE perfect answer, in terms of hypnosis, people will walk out eventually. It happens, people have lives and don't want them screwed up by random people on this internet.

But yeah. It's my birthday today and I'm amazed (and sad) that dolling seems to have died off even relative to last year. Holy cow. Not good.

Now we'll see if this "google account" thing works...

Brad Poe (same guy as above, delurking because why not, nobody's really here)

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