Tuesday, August 25, 2015

now i know where it came from....

reports came in that the Rubber Sisters were using a new latex doll/female mask in their shoots. now spot the odd one out;

yes, its the one in the center and its made of very thin latex. i emailed the Rubber Sisters and they explained its made by a new company; Feitico which does a pretty extensive range of these masks for both women and men.

the detailing is very impressive and unlike the molded masks or the super realistic silicon ones - these are super thin latex like the famed heart faced clear one made by another European latex designer.

here's the best two of interest to my dear readers:

they eye detailing is simply amazing and the other thing that sets them appart is the molded 3d latex lips. they're not another detailed application, rather full deep rubber lisp.

of course also being made of thin latex they're much easier to wear for a very long time.....


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blackice said...

I filmed in 3d (of course) the Rubber Sisters when they were in Hove/Brighton along with two other latex mistress. A little short that also involved that mask and did look really good. I've shown it to them on my glassless 3d tablet, and sent them rendered HSBS footage but not sure they've done anything with it yet.

I've only just got the 3d editing app working so not revisited it yet.