Tuesday, March 22, 2016

 meanwhile I am now back and out of hospital. somehow lost a good chunk of weight eating their crap food, but it means some latex items fit again - i bet even my Fantastic Rubber mannequin catsuit here. I'll try that eventually when totally functional - not there yet.

so in the mean time you'll notice i'm back blogging and found myself in a new doll case in Second Life. not doing much so feel free to im me: Asudem Kasei. 

i think after all my time in SL the ideas i had have finally been realised with RLV restrained systems; and to that end I am surrendering to total automation. i won't look much different - but you'll won't see me out of a case much at all. 

an automated / mannequin display figure with no control unless released by my key holder. 

don't expect lucid conversations either unless on IM channel. as a programmed doll it will be like a Doll chip was implanted and removed me. can't wait.

if you have spare L$ and like / read / frequent this blog, some spare L$ always welcome. think of it as recovery for a broken doll, who will emerge finally as she's meant to be into her new life. 

then onto stage 2.....


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John Evans said...

Hello Asudem,

I am glad to hear you are out of hospital. I hope you recover well.

Seeing you at Refractor yesterday was great. I will try checking in on you from time to time.