Monday, December 24, 2018

i'm still obsessed with these heels/boots


Lee said...

Easy to understand, they are amazing. I wish that I could have given them a try. If they had come out when I was younger, slim and trim again, I would have jumped at their uniqueness.

Railgap said...

OMG those are amazeballs. I looked for Shitake, they're either out of business or changed names. A reverse image search (TinEye, Google) turned up nothing also. It almost makes me sad to know that these exist. I need these in my life. =^_^=

Agirhe said...

well, maybe they don't exist.
or part of them don't.
one photo shows them as part of stockings and the other as part of tights, so are the photo real? are the shoes on under the tights and stockings?
the heelless shoe/boot (shoot?) would not be hard to copy, take the shoe with a heel and replace the heel with a metal bracket, then cover it with slices of fiberboard glued them together and sanded it into shape.

Asudem Latex said...

they are real in the sense they are existing shoots with latex stocking covers. she's done a series of instruction photo's on how to make them.

of course you need the right shoe style in the first place and i just keep finding them wrong size and also with needless spikes or studs all over them.