Saturday, February 09, 2019

fingers crossed - full lycra robot suits soon to appear?

now as you all know i ferret around on Aliexpress in search of bargins and kinks. now i have no idea of the source anime or video games but there seems to be a range of well printed leggings and full catsuits in the detail of various cyber etc suits.

no idea where this is from - but looks good. dependent of the seller you can track one down in your size. with or without gloves attached.

- oh apparently it's: Blue Shamus Zero - and if your interested - link is here.

now i've always had a thing for Theiry Muglers Gyniod suit and wish the Chinese would make a wearable lycra catsuit / zentain suit based on it.

with the new massive James Cameron 'Battle Angel Alita' due out - and that she had a full robot body... will they start to make the suit to match her look or even the bad guys?

so far they're only offering her generic t-shirts and the leather-esque sleeveless body... :-(  its here if you want one.

as we approach Halloween it more likely to appear. perhaps we need to start a petition or something?

i was even playing with some idea to see what these manufacturers need to get some of these designs realized? i'll take one thats full doll joints and the Mugler one of course.


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Anonymous said...

The suit is based on that of Samus' Zero Suit from the Metroid series.