Friday, August 23, 2019

for the rich ASFR / mannequin fan out there - its already sold

my earliest exposure to mannequin, fetish, leather and BDSM was actually via a NYC art catalogue that had a few of UK pop artist 'Allen Jones' in it. I believe it was even said table for sale.

this is the last one - check out the price (and more photo's) at

wasn't keen on the position but everything else i was entranced by.

then later i found he had done loads more, paintings, sculpture and wearable pieces that turn you into a living mannequin!!!

you think i jest but it happened to Kate Moss

it was originally made in the 60's and can be seen larger in a signed (£250) poster from RA.

 he also was known for making the movie poster for cult french fetish film:

i think there's a french law that JPD has to be in all French films???!?! worth looking for.


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