Sunday, March 21, 2021

the final heat sealing.....

 a simple premise for a story. once ready they final stage for permenant latex being is a all to hot sauna.



ahmed deraz said...

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John Evans said...

But how does the sweat escape? :)

Anonymous said...

"Blogger ahmed deraz said ...

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Is this some kind of arvertisement - or is this a hidden message to someone?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, a lot of spammers will write ad comments here...

As for the story, I can just imagine the sauna heat to fuse the latex permanently to the skin - after which point there will be no more sweating since the skin has been absorbed into the latex :-) Yum!

Window Dressee said...

Heat shrink tubings exist in reality, but full ensealing in such stuff is unrealisitic for me;
a more realisitc fantasy for me is the combination with just this boots, you mentioned in a former posting
zipper replaced by heat shrinking tubing!

In addition, the heel and the sole is modified to include screw-nuts:
screws go through a mannequin-base-plate and then into the nuts in my boots' sole;
the screws bound the boots to the base-plate, my legs are in the boots;
after the visit in the sauna, my legs (and myself) are bound to the base-plate!

My master could unscrew and free me from the base plate,
but at least I'm bound to high heels!

Patti_Zehenlecke said...

Anyone knows what happened to encasementluda ?