Thursday, October 21, 2021

a surprise e-mail from the UK


long time no heard, but i had an email in from Black Ice in UK, no it wasn't any more exciting shots at Torture Garden or some obscure fashion magazine he acquired. nope it was a link to a Kumguri site that has it all!!!

the main site is

and the bodysuits are here!!!!

i'm making as wish list already and the head to toe latex, molded mask and hair is identical to the statue permanent ones at the  xxx sss

who'd thought that one could so perfectly mimic as second life look. cross promotion and marketing?

more later once i've wrapped my head around it. like how about zentai suits based on Theiry Muglers Gynoid or Maria from Metropolis?

i think we could inspire and fuel (bulk buy) the robots, dolls, mannequins we'd love to  realise?


BRubberV8 said...

oh wow, please, please go full Kigurumi for us!

John Evans said...

Devil Walking may have items you're looking for, robot-bodystocking-wise.

CM3Fan said...

Seeing that pic just makes you want to find a pedestal and freeze in place for a while :)

Asudem Latex said...

great robot ones, no dolls. have emailed them