Thursday, October 21, 2021

its been awhile

so sorry but I continue to have medical issues. so lack of postings as i have to have a clear head - also just sleeping way to much.

in the meantime have a look at ASMR videos on yt- i'll post some interesting doll ones later. here's one that has a range of fantasy; 

some are just direct videos, other have plot, costumes and characters. i can't be everywhere so please post ones you find that work for you. prefer robots, dolls and mannequins (what a surprise)

also there are websites and apps that download the vidoes so you can watch on phone etc. also strip the audio out. i use iSkysoft Video Coverter Ultinmate btw. 

share your finds, and i'll get onto my short list. so far none have replied to my offer to help with plots etc. perhaps we can push/ inspire together?



BRubberV8 said...

Happy to hear from you again, and best wishes on these medical gremlins.

John Evans said...

Glad to see you! I am wishing you comfort and energy.

cm3fan said...

Happy to see you are still here. I check back every now and then hope you have posted something interesting and thought provoking.

Best wishes and good health. I know how frustrating those medical issues can be.