Sunday, August 10, 2008

good time to get latex leggings

even if the weather is way too hot to wear them as Libidex still has their sale on for another full week with 30% off across the board for all the clothing.

so looking at the classic tights here they're down to £46.86 which is just under $100. now if you want to make them leggings you just ask for them without the feet and save £10 / $20.

if your hesitating then consider this for a moment;

- they aren't the cheap AA leggings which last for approximately 10 outings before the washing takes a toll
- they are on sale so they're cheaper than the hard to find K+T leggings
- they are real hand made latex leggings as opposed to cheap molded ones which will fall apart (as per Mahrets experience here)
- with sheet latex the quality difference is vast - like nasty nylon to fine silk and
- they now take paypal so there's a range of payment options. so use your paypal float from ebay sales to buy new latex.
- Libidex has an amazing range of colours to pick from so your not tied into the black glossiness.

for me i plan on getting another pair in pewter i think which will bring up my collection to three pairs; basic black, smoke black and then the new pewter.

oh and you ask where the photo is from? well its an advertisement from London department store Liberty just of Oxford Circus as scanned in from the new Sept of Vogue UK. looks like latex leggings are still in style for the fall and that high end designer shops are selling them.


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