Monday, December 06, 2010

latex encasement for all for free!

well not actual latex encasement - but next best thing; hypnotic trance induction to be trapped in a latex balloon that sucks closed with you in its tight latex grip.

it can be found on Lee Allure's site and download directly here. have a go: i know you desperately want too. please report back in comments how it was.

after trying it myself i sent her an email of encouragement and a conversation rapidly developed. i then sent her some of my notes on hypnosis interest from the blog, specifically my wish list as detailed in Hypno Master D Explains what's possible and trials of my own bespoke script.

she commented:

"There are certainly some interesting ideas there, and since that
audio came out, I've been having other interesting conversations
with people about latex and what they did with it. I need to let
it percolate in my head a little bit more until it fits the rhythms
of what I do, and see what happens. "

so hopefully she'll be experimenting further with latex hypno fetishism. i might have to make sure she gets a pair of real latex leggings sometime soon and convert her even further.



Anonymous said...

I really wish I could get hypnosis to work for me, but I think the problem is: I think too much. I can always imagine what the hypnotist says in my mind, but it never feels near-real, which is what I assume successful hypnosis should result in. Am I going about this the wrong way, or have my brain patterns just left me SOL in this case?

Asudem Latex said...

same here really. one reason i am fascinated by Queen's Thrall work with hypnosis as she's managed to get it work now.


Anonymous said...

I felt really aroused by what I heard and felt. It was a very odd experience but I just felt myself go and almost reach orgasm. There were times I felt ike something was pressing against my whole body...

Her voice is so enchanting to listen to.

Anonymous said...

That audio session is sheer purrfection. Thanks for the link Asudem, I may never had found it if not for you ;)

- Dan

BurnRubberV8 said...

Have you listened to this episode of "Freedom of Fetish?"

Anonymous said...

For everyone who is having problems with hypnosis, try to not focus on the words instead. When I listened to the actual words all that happened was me, laying there, listening to a boring story.

Just think about something calming instead - nature scene, waterfall, laying on the beach, playing with your pet or whatever works for you. Drift in and out, listening to bits and pieces. The hypnosis words will slowly get quieter in the background and you will slip away. You will suddenly come around when the instructions are given at the end of the hypnosis session just like waking from a deep sleep in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Here are some hints and tricks to help you go into hypnosis more easily:

1) Don't use your bed if you can help it. You are conditioned to sleep when you are in your bed. Try laying on a couch or sitting in a comfy soft chair or beanbag. If you have no alternative and must use your bed, lay at the other end or lay face down with a pillow under your shoulders as if you are having a massage.

2) Use the natural cycles of the body. Try and have sessions when the body is more tired to make trance easier. 3pm is good because the circadian rhythm naturally lowers blood pressure and blood sugar at this time. Go out shopping on the weekend, come home around 3pm, have a shower, change into loose clothes and listen to the session. Try other times according to your own personal schedule - just got home from work, wake up a half hour early in the morning and do it then, etc

3) Avoid distractions and stimulants. Try and schedule some quiet time when nothing can disturb you. And since it is all about relaxation don't go drinking cappucinos just before you begin

4) Just relax. You don't have to listen to every word for it to be effective. If you can't listen to every word it will still work! Think of it like a conversation happening between two people at the next table. You don't listen to every word yet you can't help but overhear little bits and pieces. Your subconscious mind will take those little fragments and will do the rest for you. Hypnosis is enjoyable and relaxing, don't stress.

5) Train yourself. Use trance CD's for a week or two before you start listening to any hypnosis. Trance is a skill, and the more you do it the better you get at it.

For what it's worth, I think the Latex Encasement session doesn't do a good job of bringing you down into a deep trance. The induction is simply too short.

Anonymous said...

Some people may think that you need a long induction or a perfect story to get anywhere deep, but I, and apparently others here, found it easy to listen to her voice and go under in that time.
It felt so real to me, and I was blown away by the experience.

Anonymous said...

It's Mr Longpost again. Very recently I have gotten back into using hypnosis. I had three sessions to listen to the other night. The middle one was Latex Encasement and I honestly can't remember a word - I woke up with about a minute left to run with it.

I am not saying that short inductions are a bad method, or short inductions don't work. Hypnosis is a bit of "horses for courses" and people will get different results with different methods. People can be turned off by the sound of a hypnotists voice, or a session may have some suggestions that the subject especially objects to. Some won't respond well to fantastic stories and need to be led with more relaxation suggestions and a more structured approach.

The Sculptor said...

I love that picture. Where did you get it from?

Asudem Latex said...

the photo is a still from Marquis Magazine's White Room DVD 1.


Sven said...

Well I found it very impressive and it aroused me incredibly!
I felt umb everywhere in my limbs and I almost came due to the fingersnap.

I have something in exchange for you cause without you I wouldn´t have found this audio file.

Unfortunately my file isnt free, but it is a hypnosis to turn you into a doll...

...Yess A DOLL

Maybe if you give it a try you may tell us all how it was? : )

Sven said...

almost forgot : )

The link:

Anonymous said...

The link doesnt work