Friday, December 24, 2010

winterized doll wear

one thing i've been wondering about for some time is how to take this latex addiction more into mainstream and one thought was a very stylish and modern puffa coat / jacket made from latex.

here's a few i like the style of from various ebay searches that i think would translate very well and still have a bit of a fetish edge too them.

as you may have already noted over on 3XL's excellent latex blog that a NYC designer Patrik Ervell has made forays into this area with his latex hooded rain jack which is described in more detail by 3XL here.

go read the article. when your back you should be suitably aghast.

ok here's why if you didn't click the link - the price is $1,660.00!!!! when the same item at Blackstyle is just $285.00.

are we starting to see a trend with expensive designers nipping into latex realms and ramping up prices to insane levels? Gucci latex catsuits for thousands?



Anonymous said...

YES! That's exactly what designers will do to get people to wear latex that doesn't come from seedy online perv shops. How declasse they would be.!

Anonymous said...

Latex is destroyed by exposure to UV light and is not really practical for regular jaunts into the sunlight.

If you wear it outside a lot, expect it to degrade.