Friday, June 03, 2011

its all a mall life...

i was wondering through what appeared to be an endless mall trying to kill some time while on this work trip and for the life of me i couldn't find a thing that tickled my kinky parts. nothing remotely fetishistic. nothing for a latex fetishist either.

so more navel gazing, how besides the obvious music videos and Catwomen are people discovering the spark of their inner fetishists?

ok, i've seen some heels and a few pair or more 'designer' rubber boots - though other than that - nada.


one start of an idea is a fetish is closer to art in some ways. when you see the fetish item be it clothing, shoes or something more intimate something just clicks, comes into sharp focus - resonance starts in mind and heart and you just need to connect to it - almost to be consumed by it. or is that just me?



Anonymous said...

Usually amusing when the local cosplayers do their mall raid there. Last few times I've been there I have been largely bored. Well except for the Lego store, but then some of us never entirely grow out of certain things.

Throughfare said...

Here's a latex catsuit at the Mall of America:

Gary aka Garlor said...

For me it has to be anything shiny and stretchy,also patent high heels.One time in a big store I saw small size shiny high heels on display and nearly bought a pair just to put on show at home.

Anonymous said...

I live in the area, and I wish there was more latex available around here...

Anonymous said...

My experience is that flagrant dolling or fetish stuff isn't going to show up at the mall--it's been years since I last saw a lady in PVC (blue outfit, leggings and coat) at the mall.

But the pieces are going to be there, you just have to know where to look. Find the high heels at boutique places like a _local_ (non-franchise) earring place. Find the short dresses with petticoats hanging from the ceiling at Hot Topic (were there last time I looked). Find the PVC/pleather leggings at Forever 21, then a few weeks later, again on sale at outlet stores.

Truth is though....times have been rough, in terms of the economy. Times are hard at malls and dolling up is expensive I suppose.

In some ways shopping malls did it to themselves. They jacked up rents and catered to richer and richer sorts of yuppie/suburban crowds, not realizing that catering to one crowd can make you brittle. Malls have fewer problems when they cater to more people, not just the rich ones.

But hey, what do I know, right?

Brad Poe (who misses having a bookstore at the mall--the one that was there closed, abruptly even)