Wednesday, June 01, 2011

who wears latex the best?

pop Q; (in a vague attempt to get people to reply in comments i must admit)

who in your opinion wears latex the best? Lady Gaga, Rhinna, Katey Perry or even Fergie?

here's Lady Gaga being interviewed:

i wonder if she's created a demand for latex amongst here 'monsters'.

according to the kinkiest conservative UK paper the Daily Mail Lady Gaga admits she went bankrupt after spending millions on tour costumes the full story: here



Alectra said...

I like Rhianna the best, Kate Perry has a nice body but not so much as Rhianna and Gaga well, it's Gaga "giggle" is there any more to say to that? ^.^
Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Anonymous said...

Saw this on the Daily Mail front page:


Anonymous said...

Of those three choices I would say Katy Perry. Katy Perry has the best body and has worn many latex outfits during her shows and videos. Second place goes to Rihanna who generally wears non-latex kinky stuff, and last comes Gaga who quite frankly is getting annoying.

Fwoggle said...

I think Rhianna.... She's not done whatever Gaga has done with the whole face horns think.... Don't care for that a bit. Katy.... Nothing against her, I just prefer my girl a bit more than just whiiiiiiite!

Garlor said...

Certainly Katy for looking happy and Gaga for extreme showy style

Anonymous said...

I'm going to cast my ballot with Katy Perry. Not only does she wear it well but I gotta give the girl a shout for all the dollishness she dished out in her "California Girls" video.


Anonymous said...

I think the best one is Katy Perry, not only for the number of outfits she has, but the style and the simplicity she has in wearing them.
I love some of her minidresses, they are more than stunning. Gag it's ok, but she is too much int eh "extreme" side, not at all possible to use them as a street wear.

rbrlvr said...

Katy Perry, you can see that she really enjoys the latex, and looks great.

Anonymous said...

All done for shock value and Gag is clearly having fun because she established no limit to what she will do. But her looks are not attractive.. just freaky. If it's freaky you like Gag might appeal to you. I think she is a "one note samba" with her edgy looks and people are not that interested in it... aside from a casual glance to see what sort of bizarness she's come up with. Basically YUCK.

Katy Perry looks like a pop tart, tweeny bopper in shiny cartoon clothing. Nice bod... but she sports a look which is not attractive to my more elegant perhaps more sophisticated design sensibilities.

I don't have a take on Rhianna who seems to he somewhere between Perry and Gag... but definitely into pushing over the edge of "normalcy".

All pop stars' stylists know that they can go over the edge of acceptable/normal and do it with relish because of the "eye magnet" factor of the unusual. It's literally their JOB to make their client's looks noticeable... and especially true when their music is nothing to write home about as it is for these three "artists" and I use the term "advisedly".

There have been some pop artists who have sported more elegant kinky looking outfits. The ones whose names escapes me seem to come from Eastern Europe... not the UK.

BTW, I can't wait for the super tall clunky platform thing to end. It's so ugly and awkward. The upside is that when I see women wearing this type of footwear it literally causes me to laugh at how silly they look while thinking they are looking so stylish. hahahhaha All those will end up in second hand shops in a few years.

Beyla said...

Never believe ANYTHING in the Daily Mail.

Andy.latex said...

looks like to have caused a bit of a punch up here Asudem.
my vote will have to go to Katy Perry, simpley because she is the most beautiful girl on your list and for the fact that her latex style is sleek simple cute and sexy as hell.
however if the list was opened up i would have to go for Kylie minogue purely for her appearance on british TVs top of the pops in a stunning red latex dress and for her confide i me video (black catsuit)both of which had a lasting impression ona growing latex lover.

jeandoll said...

Lady Gagas vidoes and costumes are best what has came out from music industry. Asian poppers look good on latex too. For example look Ayumi Hamasaki. This video i found from Youtube after quick look:


Anonymous said...

Why, Asudem wears 'latex the best'. :)

Anonymous said...

^^ We can't really tell. All I see in the profile pic are two lower legs :/