Saturday, December 31, 2011

get yourself an Zentai Doll Suit for 2012

not really an order or anything but it's inexpensive, all encompasing and very doll-ish costume you should all have.

i've not bought one for a few years as i prefer latex and i recently nabbed one for just 30$ off ebay. it was very mannequin color and well why not. for those on a tight budget thats a buck a day. i also wanted to find some fabric pens and doll joints all over it. (anyone recommend a brand?)

i bought this one here and they do other materials and styles. i skipped the entire enclosed head aspect and no gloves. i wanted to feel. also in the past the fingers were always a bit of a mess.

i also asked for a zip down bellow so they can worn much much longer. if it gets cold enough - bingo - thermal underwear :-)

sadly they weren't able to realise my idea of a small cute lock on the back of top of zip which i stil think is very hot. i'll have to get it doen one day.

so treat yourself, start off with a zentai suit in 2012!



parangsakti said...

Well, I plan to buy a white one. And get a red fabric pen so I can draw dolly lips on it.

Going to freak people out on video chat, haha

Lady Alexia said...

I have been thinking that a black one could be made to actually transform me into Batwoman for Cosplaying. Use some falsies, be totally encased, might work, money and materials would hamper me right now.....

Célia GERACI said...

I want a zentai with a color so close to the real skin : where can I buy one ? Thanks.

Asudem Latex said...

Célia GERACI - thats the one i bought - the link takes you to the seller.


Anonymous said...

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VanillaLite said...

Hi – guess I’m a bit late to the party. ;)

One option would be to get a zentai hood from and have them add a zip at the back (not a standard option, but they could probably do it easy enough. This link is to a custom hood that’s only $8 plus postage atm. It’s available in ‘carnation’ – whether that’s a good match for ‘flesh’ I’m not sure. Then you could lock the two zippers (suit and hood) together.

The other option would be a locking collar – you could padlock the suit zipper to that.

Zentai Zentai has some other stuff you may want to check out, btw, like this almost total enclosure hobble dress for $45. (NB. Haven’t ordered from them, so can’t vouch for quality, but looks like great value.)