Friday, August 14, 2015

emma lee - pervy doll.... is she living the life i crave?

i'm no latex model, pop singer adopting latex for its 'edge' or latex coated fashionista - however i was sent some images by a reader of Emma Lee and they just hit me so.....

the first one was this - now its not the position of kneeling, very sub - its the latex toes!!! so enveloped in latex that her toes are latex. thats deep into latex.

is that just me? or the idea of being so trapped in latex that your feet are fully latex with toes. (anyone know where to buy these? what are they like.)

the second one that hit me was as much the image as the title. shades of TSG's writing..

'When RUBBER takes posession of every hole on your body, then it’s clear - YOU’RE A RUBBERDOLL"

it sent my imagination racing and a few other parts of me...  wondering, dreaming what it would be like to be that image, inside the doll and how long for?

she also appears to have access to a lot of inflatable latex, which i've always wanted to try. i did have a go once in a vac bed and i didn't want out. the next image that called out to me and i thought 'i want to be her'

'I thought you’ll love the nice rubber smell in the tire garage. And your filled holes and the tight inflated bondage catsuit will keep you on position. No chance to escape my bizarre fantasies of rubberdoll punishment'

how long was she in there for? what was it like? i'll email her for an interview.....

its not like i've dropped the entire fashion/latex angle as well as doll-ish / mannequin fetish at all. its after i bought the super heavy latex raincoat off ebay from China that i then got the entire heavy rubber thing: THE LATEX WEARS YOU

in the meantime here's a few more and you can subscribe to her site at Pervy Doll



Unknown said...

I bought my toe socks from Ebay. I have a red pair and a black pair. On a rare day off I wear them all day with a few other select items!

Asudem Latex said...

ebay! will it never cease to surprise me


Asudem Latex said...

that was easy to find... next on my list?

John Evans said...

I was going to recommend Blackstyle but it looks like you found a toe sock source already.

SpaceCaptainSmith said...

If you're at all into rubber and total enclosure, Emma Lee's site is well worth subscribing to, IMO. She's got some wonderful videos and pictures.

FYI, for a sufficiently large donation to her latex fund, you can get yourself a lifetime subscription and even a private audience with the Pervy Doll herself.

Anonymous said...

she is living all of our fantasies

Anonymous said...

She lives with anatomical latex as well. Her mouth, pussy and anus are all rubberized, stopping her speech and opening up all her holes. Would really recommend checking her out