Saturday, August 15, 2015

some expert help needed in Second Life

this is a call out to anyone in Second Life who can help me become something 'else'. what is that something else? well here's a description.

- i know there are 'bots' which act as greeters, talkers, AI etc.
- i have seen detailed sculpted people always on show/in world that can be sat in.

What I want to do is layering the above in a few ways.

- always present in SL
- automatically talk when visited with a selection of words/AI i write.
- give note cards / images when asked - i like to share.
- locked into a doll mode or frozen when AFK or offline. Leaving a bot in my place
- ability to do set routines/dances etc when AFK or offline so people can play with me
- my owner can release me - so I can be played with when they want.

so for all concerned i am an automatic doll, unless your owner/2nd owner who can release me from my spell.

what do you think?



Anonymous said...

this ( should be what you need :) got it for a while and I have to say it's amusing

from the site

The functionalities include:
- Greet people who get within range (10m)
- Configurable database of greetings, you can invent as many as you want!
- Give landmark of your sim when requested by user
- Give information notecard when requested by user
- Give freebies when requested by the user
- Voicemail: lets an user record a message for you when you're not online, it will be stored in the greeter until you come and read it!
- Use it on whichever outfit you like!
- Sub can answer questions even when muted or deafened

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