Sunday, January 01, 2017

going into 2017 with a hit of 3,008,658.....!!!

i posted before but no one noticed. :-(
surely there's some new latex designers etc, who would like to swap ad space for latex?

guess i am a bit of an expert then.... and just doing it occasionally. imagine what it would be like if i could run it full time and hire / commission writers etc.



laycette said...

Interested. Could be helpful to reach out to other dollies and rubber fetishists through the blog and also introduce OZF Designs to people. Still not many people have heard about chlorination or beliece myths about it so I am happy to pprovide write ups and maybe even documemt my D/s journey into becoming a real lifestyle rubber doll. I want to restart corset training and get back to 20" this year so perhaps if people are interested I could document that too. We also have sister blogs that can share info and links, bring back the we community aspect of kink networking so lacking today with the gnat-on-meth attention span manifest online today. My household sister, Lady Bloodrose aka TheRubberKitty also will celebrate her GummiVersary soon -yes, she really has worn latex every single day for almost a year now. Not like a Latex Lady bullshit fantasy, but for real, with pics and affirmation by many others. Is that a first? I dunno but it's for real. It helps to be a real life ribber household and custom latex specialist business of perverts.... so who is interested? If there is enough reason we will make the effort and make it a daily or at least frequent task to share our work, kink and fetish lives... we need motivation so that's where members come in to support us.

Asudem Latex said...

all great ideas and plans to realise in 2017

lets conspire via email