Sunday, January 29, 2017

vintage latex joy

while cleaning up my hdds i found the old 60's or 70's Sealwear latex catalog. much simpler times and it wasn't shock effect Lady Gaga worn for the impact. really its about the latex as the designs for the clothes and dresses aren't remotely far out.

having first properly found out about latex via Allan Jones pop art images and sculpture, then 60's small magazine Atomage he was sourcing ideas from - it all has a resonance. its about the latex replacing normal clothing material.

i don't think i'd have anything i'd consider heavy or outrageous - merely normal clothes transmuted into this devine material.

you can see the full pdf catalog: here on my google drive (which I just realised i have) 

while their website has other more recent issues to view here.

i know its a cliche'd plot point for fetish fiction but i'd not be too sad or upset if all my clothes were to transform into latex. same me, same clothes - just latex.

actually there's an idea in there i've been playing with about a suitcase that turns its contents to latex....

oh and they're still going after all these _decades_ and you can visit them: at their webshop.



John Evans said...

Thank you for making the catalogue available. It is great!

Asudem Latex said...

i am here to share! ;-)