Friday, January 05, 2018

dollsuit from Ukraine??? yes its true

it was a total surprise to the reader who was clicking on shiny things on FB and brought up a designer they'd never heard of based out of Ukraine. yes they do use UK based latex suppliers 4D and Radical Rubber. they specialise in latex, pvc and lycra and do know the difference (unlike a lot of fashion/newspaper press).

they even do two guides - Latex and vinyl. What the difference!? and  Correct wearing and care of latex clothes,

what obviously caught my eye was the excellent and original photography and they had made a doll suit (bellow)

while a bit to far away for us in North America, its another option for those based in Europe.

the other item that went ping for me is their shoulder length latex gloves in a wider range of colors than black or red (standard issue).

actually they all have a different appeal for various reasons for me. natural - instant mannequin, white - the more abstract mannequin, the metallic blue so future and doll pink needs no explanation.

i may need to do a test order of latex pantyhose at 70$ - in baby pink or mannequin? match with long gloves..

if you beat me to it or have bought from them before - please post.


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