Sunday, July 22, 2018

will it tick all the boxes?

i'm just going to throw it out there an let you and as well as myself meditate on the idea of what type of fall / winter coat could i get in latex? its summer sale time on so within a moth or so i'll decide and place and order.

i am leaning towards the medical-esque natural clear latex or perhaps a smoked variation.
the one i had been on about forever was insanely expensive french couture one that never drifted down to mass market knock offs, let alone latex.

so there's a few idea / elements i'd  like to see - as well as a detachable warm lining so it can warn in deepest winter and stay warm.

feel free to post links to ideas.


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Morpheen Moon said...

Greeting sweetie,

Nice ideas, you certainly look delicious into a coat, for outfit who should covering, i have two feeling, one choice is transparent for show my part under coat, but also like be discreet too and think smokey as you say seem a good option becose opaque is more erotic power as "what is below who are hiden ?" ... Sometimes good to make an special effects with hiding with opaque but understand you envy of have a transparent too, very hard choice, and i do confess if be you, i take both, for be sure to cover each desires (show vs hide) feeling under the hand, same if take time for the money. I antici^pate see your final choice sweetie; bet upi look selicious into it =DDDD

Dare to offzr hugq 'n' kisses =********
Mo' (MorpheenMoon)