Sunday, September 09, 2018

i'm not dead, but still very fragile

ongoing medical crap is ongoing. so hense my lack of posts and off and barely appearing in Second Life since May. that fragile doll isn't just a metaphor in my case. :-(

in my case is where i presently reside, pretty well acquired now by Peachy Moonwall. im's cut off a good part of the time buy feel free to email me at or you could msg her and see where you get.

i don't even think i can do notes - so email me. blog posts will continue to trickle forth when not reduced to a plant like existance in a hospital bed, tube going in and out.



Ruri Muni said...

when you get a free moment I can explain how to apply chrome in SL. Example below:

Unknown said...


Andy.latex said...

Best wishes my friend xx