Wednesday, September 05, 2018

roll play a robot?

i think some aliexpress / chinese cosplay costume makers need to make a zentai suit to match this new robot. it doesn't look complex - just a few panels.

now the next one could be a purpose drawn gyniod in the style of Theiry Mugler's chrome woman.

some sort of crowd source / deviant art competition?



pswkua said...

The closest would be an iron man zentai or a "war machine" zentai. War Machine is a Marvel character which is basically grey Iron Man

Other than should check out "Detroit: Become Human". It's a cinematic movie like game about androids. The 'servant' outfit that Kara (main android girl) is shiny like latex and I have seen cosplayers wearing it.

Agirhe said...

HRP-4C is close to 10 years old.
it is to bad that it didn't go as they talk about at the time.
then again maybe the Japanese workforce is full of the next generation of that robots, just look at your phone and computer today compared to what we used 10 years ago.

you can buy a 13cm plastic model of HRP-4C on Amazon for just under £27.