Saturday, December 04, 2010

EGL how to video from start to finish

note her eyes have been video effected so to appear much larger.

i like the contacts from the earlier post on makeup as they have much more of a luminous fake doll like style too them. thats an element i will be specifying with the special effects make up artist who is going to transform my new Emerald mask from Kerry's Female Masks. although there are some possible directions i can go with it. i've always had the idea of being able to wear my Second Life identity in the real world, though the shape of head on Emerald isn't the same nor are the lips.

i have several ideas for it and will need to take some advise from the stylist before she starts. one element i am seriously considering is having close ups of my eyes shot, then she can use my actual eyes as eyes on the mask but 'enhanced' to be super luminous like the aforementioned video and doll/mannequin like. the two mannequin heads i own look really good as they eyes are pretty well photographic.


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Roen said...

Oh good. You found this video. I was gonna send it to you.