Sunday, December 12, 2010

they are so so thick

i finally got myself over to the nearest American Apparel store in search of their Disco Pants (with money to hand no less ready to statisfy my tight and shiny needs in a public stor no less) and besides noticing the only ones in stock are a size S, was the thickness of the material they're made from.

if you not read the comments about them from AA's own site as linked to in the first post you'll be surprised as how thick they are. like 2 - 3mm thick and absolutely no hanger appeal either. they looked so drab.

so standing there torn about buying them i just walked out. i am still very much deciding to get them or not. still they look great in bright light of the summer where as latex simply does not and of course is too hot to wear.

or maybe i should just the same pattern in a much thicker latex than i'm used too is the way to go and of course keep scouring ebay and get them on sale.



Rex the Burlesque Mogul said...

If those are YOUR pictures, you should SO buy the pants. You look like tightly wrapped treasure. Great.

Oh and what's up with Franchesco the Japanadian? I think he meant to say, "I like turtles."

Anonymous said...

Thinner latex is definitely the way to go instead!

Anonymous said...

Those aren't AA disco pants in the photos, they don't do 'em in gold.
Checking their site I notice they DO have them in that yummy purple again, curse you for making me check, will have to order some.
I have a pair in red, and having owned at least a dozen of the originals over the years of various brands I can say they did a pretty good job with these. I like the legs fit tight all the way down. The best Spandex Disco Pants are the earlier ones with two way, not four way, stretch. They have a shinier finish, are smoother, the material is like what you find in the satin panel of older girdles. Unlike the 4 way stretch ones they must be sized just right but if they are and are snug when worn with high heels give your ass that Hollywood Hooker thing goin' on that is so appealing. The AA version are 4 way stretch but nice and thick (a good thing, holds and molds)
If you spend a lot of time at thrift stores you sometimes come across the originals cheap. I buy them with the intent of selling them on ebay but can never part with them.