Tuesday, February 08, 2011

hypnosis and rubber

if i hadn't mentioned it already i've been on Fetlife.com for about six months now and in a thread on Fet Life there was a discussion on hypnosis and rubber fetishism. if your a member then do check it out.

when we were all passing ideas around Alice piped in saying she's already been doing it all and pointed us too her video clip site at: Alice in Bondage Land

she recommended Heavy Rubber Hot Tub;

This is one of the hottest, most intense latex scenes of my life.

This video represents the culmination of an incredible amount of training and 24/7 intensive re-programming for my personal slave… but also many of my personal fantasies regarding latex, hot tubs, foot worship and mental conditioning.

I think this incredible fetish ritual of rubber rebirth deserves to be seen in its entirety, so I present it to you as a complete evening with a very real, unscripted Mistress and slave in a very, very special part of BondageLand.

its on page two btw, although thats not saying you may not like some of the other clips too.

we're in im contact on Fetlife and i am hoping we can develop an mp3 or even a machinma video together as our various kinks over lap so well and we totally understand the fetish unlike other Hypnodommes that just pay tepid lip service to the particular clips. (wishing i lived on the west coast as she doesn't have subjects to film!)


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Anonymous said...

Set up the 'Asudem flys to the West Coast for bondage session' Paypal donation page and I'm sure you'll be on your merry way sometime next week...

Asudem at 1080P, sigh.