Saturday, February 26, 2011

i think she looks like a mannequin

the white pale skin, the pose and her hair.

they're taking manufactured music and musicians and throttling the metaphor down our throats.

oh i also heard that they're trying to bring 'the body' back into mainstream fashion too which are pretty yummy if they could figure out a better snap / closure option. so thats a few things.

did she ever do a video thats connected to this image/shoot where she becomes a mannequin or is defrosted from being one?



Anonymous said...

Clare Maguire is anything but a manufactured musician - if you don't know anything about her, reading her bio clarifies that. As to her colouring, the pale skin and dark hair, pretty common in those of celtic descent. The photo you have posted is a still from the video of her single - check it out on YouTube - the pose seems to be mid-dance rather than frozen.

As to bodies - quite a number of designers used them in shows Spring 2010 and this filtered down to UK High Street stores where they have been selling pretty well for the last year, so whoever is trying to bring them back is a bit at the tail end of a trend! Unsure what you mean by a better enclosure option as metal popper studs have always served me well.

Anonymous said...

Clare Maguire's voice is manufactured though. She warbles on live performances... (there are plently on Youtube to highlight this) sigh.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who records in a studio has a manufactured voice. I suspect the point that was being made by the blogger was that she was some hand built songstress created by a mogul, which of course she is not.