Sunday, February 20, 2011

it says 1,000,000 and its lying

this blog in its over five years of being live now and it took me awhile to install some sort of counter. then it broke, then i added the one you see to the right and its seems to malfuction now again.

it has just passed 1,000,000 hits and its definitely lying due to its downtime and the lateness of it being installed. there's also the counter / page hits in the more advanced back end system.

if i really wanted too i can go through old posts and figure out when it was added, then use the hit count from StatCounter which actually says 2,399,750 with 2,750 to 3,500 page hits per day.

i definitely think there's a book worth of content in the blog already. maybe several.

if there's any latex designers, stores, manufactures out there that want an exclusive advert on the side bar (keep in mind its only one add shown - so yours exclusively) then please contact me. also i don't want actual money = just latex!!!



BurnRubberV8 said...

Probably a lot of spam hits, plus robot hits from sites like Google.

Anonymous said...

I think the content of your blog is worth more than one million dollars baby ;)

(now I sound like AUstin Bloody Powers) sigh. I need to get out more or maybe into more latex.. hmm