Saturday, February 26, 2011

a potentially great source for heels - in Poland?

as spotted on a thread over at Fet Life.

yes believe it or not if you want to get latex boots, knee, ankle or thigh high in basic red or black the best place appears to be poland at this online shop: Fashion Style .

i'm organising knee high wedge boots with a 5" heel elsewhere although these clear plastic pointed heels also with 5" heels have me entranced. totally next on my to buy list at only 29 euros and perfect to wear with my latex tights from Libidex.

do i have a Cinderella complex?or is it simply a high heel addiction ;-)



alphaxanon said...

Looks like somebody on High Heel Place had a good experience with this company: hhplace forum

Asudem Latex said...

yes- well spotted - as thats where i learned about them. it was either there or on fetlife's high heel group.


dee said...

a pair of wellington boots with what looks like at least a 4 inch heel can be seen in this photo shoot.

hope you like.