Saturday, February 26, 2011

the PVC dilemma

as a dedicated rubber and latex fetishist i know what i like and always shopping for new items along with needing to feed my relentless 5 inch heel addiction. now periodically i wonder if i am missing something with PVC and when ever i look i find unless its a very amazing high quality its more than likely too tacky to think of wearing.

don't get me wrong. it can make great coats (above from French connection and easily 150$) and the right PVC is a must for boots (i am actually waiting on a swatch from Hong Kong to see if i like it for my bespoke 5 inch wedge knee boots) but for the rest of the items on sale there's not enough variety and by using cheap PVC it brings down the look and feel on the items.

imagine for a moment if you will that the only latex designers had to work with was molded latex. its like that imho.

am i just being a latex snob or do other share my opinion?



Traveller28 said...

My partner finds pvc more accessible and easier to maintain than latex (and very much cheaper) and likes wearing her coats/skirts etc in public as it's more acceptable over here in the UK I guess. (I think I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I have seen someone where latex on the high street in the past 20 years).

BTW, Linda picked up these last time were were in NYC. Quality is superb.

Traveller28 said...

I meant "wear" and not "where". Sorry, brain is a bit tired today.

Asudem Latex said...

those are lovely boots - the treads on the them are great.

my new problem with embracing the 5" and nothing less is actually finding something i like.

i'll have these pvc boots mad and they should be similar in the end to the Gucci(?) boots i posted last year. except of course they're made for me, definitely have a 5" heel and also don't cost over 1,000$


Anonymous said...

You are being totally too picky. Makes the rest of us sound like we're less than purest if we don't buy real latex, and that stuff ain't all that great at times.

Traveller28 said...

Good stuff, am sure these will now be on sale in the Rockport Shop, Queen's Mall. Linda wants the blue ones if they are still in stock when we return to NYC :)

Good luck with sourcing your dream boots, don't forget to share the pics here!

Anonymous said...

Nicely tailored and detailed sewn PVC can look really nice. But it needs to made from the right plastic which has the "proper hand" ...not stiff, but supple like leather a bit. The material needs to be thin enough to move and drape a bit too. But from the right plastic even fabric backed some great looking garments can be made and are much more wearable and passable out there.... with the shine giving them that fetish edge.

Latex can actually look a bit cheap and industrial with its glued seams and less like real clothes and therefore less accepted.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

Nothing can feet as well as latex.
PVC gots a nice sound when be wearing by a lady, but it's not as sensual as latex is.

Wearing latex is another experience than wearing PVC.Latex is a second skin, that makes you feel different, not only saxy :-)

Except for PVC boots, that are shiny, There is no other option than latex for me :-)