Sunday, February 20, 2011

spare a mike for a hypnodomme?

i've been chatting with Go Ask Alice on fetlife who does the Alice in Bondage Land videos and i was suggesting she should really be doing MP3's as they're easier than video and much more intimate in several ways.

we found our fetishes really overlap and she's just not some hypnotesse who is dabbling in fetishes. she gets the doll fetish, the latex and mannequin fetish as its also hers.

a resulting MP3's series from someone who really loves and enjoys the personal fetish herself is bound to be 400% better than a domme going 'latex is shiny. your latex now'. i've definitely heard a few of those - i bet we all have.

sadly she's missing anything that resembles a decent mike for recording on her pc. so if you have a spare floating around in the attic, in the garage or whatever you could post her it and she'd pencil you down for the first rubber Hypno MP3 she makes. sounds like a deal to me.

drop me a note and i'll relay it or contact her direct FetLife to arrange to mail it to her.

i think she'll be soon producing some amazing hypnosis MP3s soon that will actually do what all the others have been promising and fail to deliver.



Anonymous said...

Why doesn't she just buy one? Not exactly expensive items.

Sven said...

I have one but its a cheap version that can be bought for 20 $ or so.
Instead of buying a cheap mike, (you have to pay 200 for a good one) I would advice to buy a "mid-expensive" gamer headset.
the quality of those is often very good. I do tutorial recordings for software and use a headset. The quality of those recordings is What you may call professional, due to the fact that at some level your physical capability is just exceeded, so this one will be enouogh:

Is totally awsome

You have to pay three times as much for a mike as good as this headset. Also the sound of the speakers is THAT great you won´t believe before you try.

I would love to gain more infos about this hypnodomme and the fetishes she will put into her hypnosessions.

P.S. your latex now. lol



Asudem Latex said...

and its even cheaper on

Sven said...

Hell that´s an offer!
I paid the reglar price. :(
also for everyone listen to hypnosis audios this is very preferable because you hear the voice or whispers much more intense and it cuts off outside noise.
Gamers need a total 3 dimensonal hearing. So will you when listening to hypnosis with this.

Great find, she won´t regret, for 29$ you can´t do anything wrong.
As they where new on the marked I paid 69€...

blackice said...


I'm just back from the sunday carboot sale and snagged a Skype headset - mike / earphone jack for 50p. I'll try it out and see how it is.

If its ok then she can have it. Can you drop her a note to that effect?

There was a much better one - the guys gf wanted a quid for it - he wanted ten.

I can keep my eyes peeled as these things show up pretty often.


Edward WinterRose said...

As a budding voice actor, as well as an enthusiast of hypnotic audio, and having worked with Lady Ru'Etha on such matters, you're going to find that for any kind of professional sounding audio she's going to want a condenser mike.

Having read her profile on fetlife to some degree, you may want to have her look into pages on how to get started with a podcasting kit, which usually comes with a condenser mike and pre-amplifier combo that should really make all the difference when it comes to creating something that sounds as good as the trances you're suggesting she's about to perform.

A gaming headset will be fraught with its own problems. First, it will probably sound pretty tinny. Secondly, those won't really get rid of any background noise. Third, any shake of her head will make the headset make noise and get into her mix. These things combined will make her sound like some rather unethical dommes who have in the past been infamous for their substandard trances as well as their wanting talent and audio.

Best to distance herself from that sort immediately from the get go, yes? If she's a prodomme like she makes herself out to be, she can afford to do the research and get a proper microphone.

You can see my condenser and the booth me and my sweetheart have made over on