Thursday, February 10, 2011

too many photo's

first of the seven from here. make sure you go look.

note the last of the seven i can totally relate too as i spent too far long trying to get a good mirror photo and then settled on my latexed legs and 5"s. even that didn't come out like i wanted.

guess you'll have t wait till my inevitable shoot with the Rubber Sisters ;-)



Anonymous said...

Sigh! Asudem, any chance of a bigger picture of your latex'd legs? Yeah, okay so I'm a fan of your legs ;)

Can't wait for the Rubber Sisters shoot either.

Anonymous said...

yeah latex + feet an legs are a fantastic combination :)

bzw, the link only produces a 404 for me :(

jeandoll said...

pissie-gals area nnoying as hell. As for you and rubbersisters... Ill be waiting those photos