Sunday, February 27, 2011

vintage latex from Germany

further to my relatively recent entry titled Bombshell Bra about German latex designer Kunzmann whose history is very very long; they did kindly post me their small catalog including some of the pages from their vintage collection. drop them an email as they may send you one too.

i am still fascinated by their Marry Lou bra which was made of pure latex and gave you the shape of 50's film stars and sweater girls. seeing i'm not that shape i'd be very curious to add it to my wardrobe as i have no real urge to undergo breast enlargement. sadly they stopped making them about ten years ago. if i had only known...

looking at their pages i'm also pretty surprised that they're selling it not just on its shaping ability but also how silky they are? were they doing chlorination at the time or was 50's undergarments pretty corse to wear? i have no idea. see scan above and click the image to see it at full scan resolution if you don't believe me.

the only photo of what it looked like is bellow and its not worn on the model. it looks a bit... however it must of been selling to have been stocked for so long.

meanwhile the remainder of the vintage pages from Kunzmann held some delights in their faded brownish pages. i really would be very very pleased with almost all of the designs on this two page spread. i'd happily add them to collection of course wear them although probably insist on more modern color palette that Radical Rubber now offers and of course better shoes.

did you guess which item i'd never wear even if they were free?

yes its the Petty rubber shorts with the fringe. i love the blouse which is matched with it and already have several from Simon O. so their designs stand the test of time. question is - do they still make these and do they offer them in a range of colors? i didn't see them in the remainder of the catalog which appears to me more basic molded items.

a final thought - well more of a flashback - hit me when going through the folded catalog pages and its the image bellow. i swear its one of the few earliest images of latex i've ever seen. not now of course - way back in the early days of the internet ie 10 years ago and 56k was a slow way to look at a webpage. its still a great shot and its been lodged in my mind for some time stoking my latex desires.



Anonymous said...

wow, "shape up latex", I love that idea!
even if dun like these
"bombshell" "spiky" shapes that much.
But the pants are great!
to bad it isnt produced anymore :(

Anonymous said...

The "internet" got turned on in the mid 90s to kink... that's more than 15 yrs ago. SKII had a web page back then.

Put you are a kid then and didn't have a clue nor the interest.


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