Monday, July 18, 2011

shiny blue ladies

just one word - yummy... and of course wish it was longer.

i think there's some potential for better designed hoods too but thats me coming in as a latex stylist and well no ones ever hired me for that as yet.



Anonymous said...

You are right about hoods! It's hard to get the aesthetic right. Most of them have a clown like look to them.. and these are no exception.

Since there is no precedence for a hood or mask the designs are all over the place and the designers seem unsure of what they are doing aside from enclosing the head.

Of course the problem is that one's identity is mostly in one's face and hair for example. When those are "destroyed" or concealed, the person loses their identity and that for many IS the reason and is somewhat freeing emotionally. This allows them to "act out" or assume a fetish persona with fetish (sex?) objectives.

For most wearers they require eyes and mouth visible and for females hair which is seen in the bondage looking equestrian referenced high pony tail... the archetype fetish hair style. When done as two pigtails the equestrian reference is out the window and the person looks somewhat childlike with pigtails. YUCK and this completely works against the more sophisticated bondage aesthetic.

The nose is the biggest loser with hoods. It has so much subtlety and individuality from person to person yet no hood manages to portray the nose as anything but a bump with two small holes. The face becomes eyes, a mouth and bump with two holes. The bump has absolutely no sex appeal to this observer.

But the possibility of a molded anatomical face which can convey the nose form would be an option. It's not been done too successfully and women seem averse to wearing anatomical formed hoods.

The ears also are losers, but they are truly not attractive in any way. We just accept them and don't see them, hide them or hand jewelry from them... so losing them as a small bump is hardly a visual loss.

The eyes of course includes the lashes and the eyebrows which do provide much of our "expression" when communicating. Hoods therefore (for females) will usually include large eye openings which include the eyebrows and provide more ability or facial expression. And a face without expression is not very appealing... except for those into the vacuous expressionless look of a doll. But those are done as masks WITH feathers not hoods which cover features.

Perhaps the most interesting hoods are the the thin transparent latex ones where the entire face is visible and the openings blend with the latex encasement. There is some compression and distortion of the features and this DOES provide a masking... a disguise of sorts without actually looking like a mask or a hood. With a wig these hoods may be the most "passable" or wearable in the sense that the face can still do what a face does... provide a human identity with actual facial expressions and still feel like a mask or hood (it is one of course). On close examination... or not so close the transparent rubber is obvious and the kink factor screams at you. These of course could be done in anatomical styles and preserve the shape of the nose instead of crushing it to a ugly bump.

Since wearers feel they can be recognized in trans latex... most won't wear them when they want their identity concealed...

I am surprised that more development of trans latex masks and hoods hasn't taken place.


Andy.latex said...

I can not follow that last wonderful essay of a comment so i will just say, love that metallic latex. Super video. Thanks honey