Wednesday, July 06, 2011

so thats where they came from

thanks to Gregory the Russian mask maker for this find via facebook;

"Taxidermed women skin~^_^

To make skin coloured suits, a volunteer offers to become a suit and a buyer offers to fund the operation~

The volunteer first gets stripped bare and de-haired, then they are put into matter-current-matter converter. Those can be bought in hardware stores, but this one is just bigger.

The matter-current-matter converter converts each nanometer of the volunteer's body into electronic data and prints the modified data back into physical matter. This process has been a safe and convenient way to converting living things into useful objects and back for many years, the invention has truly improved modern living.

Since the matter-current-matter converter does not terminate life of living things that undergo its conversion, the volunteer retains full consciousness and retain their sense of touch. Depending on the item the volunteer is converted into, if eyes, nose and ears are not present, then the volunteer will experience blindness, loss of sense of smell and loss of sense of hearing. In the case of the bodysuits I make, only the sense of touch is retained~^_^

After about just 10 minutes since the conversion began, the entire process is completed. The female volunteers are now skin tight bodysuits, and ready to wear.

Some of the volunteers may experience some shock and panic after they re-materialise as an object, so I tend to keep them lying down on a flat surface before folding them away. This hopefully lessen the unpleasantness experienced by the volunteers while they become accustomed to their new body. First time volunteers may experience higher than normal sensations and unpleasant feelings, but we cannot tell by just looking at the bodysuits they've become without a object-mind-sensor. Those detectors cost a lot so I didn't buy one. So I just treat the bodysuits nicely at first, and hope the girl who had become it learn to calm herself.

I tend to schedule 10 volunteers per session, each session to convert all the female volunteers takes about 4 hours in total. So the first bodysuits usually get plenty of rest time.

The bodysuits are laid on a flat surface like you see in the picture above. And because they are naked, they tend to feel cold, but they cannot do anything about it once in that form. I usually put them on my warm bed so they do not suffer too much.

After a few hours of resting, I will proceed to pack the women volunteers into tough postal bags to be shipped to their buyer. I try to match the buyer's size to the size of the women who turned into the suits so that the bodysuit side will not be too far off from the buyer who will wear them. This is because stretching the bodysuits is comparable to stretching the female volunteer's skin. This will in turn give the volunteer a feeling of bloated-ness in their body and heighten their sense of touch in the stretched areas. Too much may cause the bodysuit some discomfort.

So, in summary, the high quality skin coloured, skin tight bodysuits I sell are made from cute female volunteers with a sense of adventure, through a common matter-current-matter converter. So be sure to take good care of the girl you're putting on, and do not stretch her too much when you get inside her. And remember since bodysuits will stretch when a buyer wears them no matter what, the bodysuits will have a heightened sense of touch, so try not to put the suits in too much abuse or teasing. They cannot do anything in response but you know they can feel it. Be a gentleman and don't let your bodysuit undergo too many orgasms than they can handle, they are frail women after all.

Pictured in the photographs from left to right, the 10 female volunteers are:
Yukie, Cici, Yukari(slightly concealed by Cici), Haru, Hotaru, Aqua, Ashley, Odette, Faye and Rinrin.

I wish the suits have a fun and happy experience with their buyers and that the buyer will take good care of them.

Now, if you wish to be a buyer or a volunteer, feel free to send me a message, I will make you a suit or make you into a suit anytime.

Thank you and I hope the information has been enlightening~^_^



tina said...

you got the e-mail to buy one of these i really want one hugs tina xox buy one of these i really want one hugs tina xox

Yu said...
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Yu said...

Hehe, I'm surprised to find my notes ending up here. Its a pleasant surprise no doubt.

Suit or suited anyone? ^_^

Yours Truly,

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