Saturday, October 29, 2016

anyone read german

a translation or just re-caption them?

a photo version of Andy Latex's illustrations?

original source is the previous magazine published by Marquis called <> apparently. were there more like these series published? anyone have the source copies for better scans and the other editions? 



Andy.latex said...

These are really really amazing, such atmosphere and story. Thank you for name checking me.
Best wishes

LycraGG said...

Here's quick translation ... somewhat unpolished and not typo-checked,but I guess it should do ...


What previously happened: The special agent Sally F. was discovered at the Vanderbilt Laboratories while copying secret files, and was overwelmed by a member of the company's security.

She's being brought to another place for interrogation.

01.48: With the help of the driver, Sally is being brought to the car waiting in the parking gargae.

To avoid causing a stir, Sally is being packed into the trunk. This is, of course, not very comfortable, and she is stuggling with all her might.

02.01: All resistance fails against the routine of the security personell, the trunk lid closes quickly on her. She feels how the car gets underway.

After a short while she gives up trying to recognize the route by by guessing the curves.

02.36: Soon the car reaches a bunker-like building, and Sally is being led to the deeper levels with bandaged eyes.

There it goes down further in a lift to uncertian depth ...