Friday, October 28, 2016

the shadowbox - Desires

backstory for my possibly permenant location at Estate Obscure in Second Life


The Shadow Display
by Asudem Latex

Lisa had always been fascinated by window displays and the timeless beauties held in the elegant displays along Manhattan’s streets. Sometimes she felt a pang of jealousy and wanted to join them and simply get away from her day to day busy world and be totally still - to be perfect in the best clothes and most expensive designer shoes. On her salary she could never afford the couture clothes on display. The mannequins seemingly taunted her. This fuelled both her desires and jealousy. She navigated her way to work to pass the best window displays the city had to offer. She sometimes even snapped photos with her cell of ones that caught her fancy which now had almost reached the limit of its memory. She avoided the mundane ones and went for the stylised scenes - ones that implied… Strangely compared to most people; there was little else in the way of photos on her phone.

Cutting across the city to save some time en route to a new freelance client she realised that she hadn't been this way in a long time. Stores were so quick to change in this overly fashionable ghetto; being bought out or sold every six months or even simply made over by new stylists with a new 'look' to prove. This small boutique was definitely new and simply showed a nice entrance way scene in their massive display. No mannequins were visible so she couldn't tell what was being sold. It was a very minimal and clean design - like a stage one could say. Was it the furniture on show? Rather all that visible from the street was a shadow; a ghostly model posed. 

She couldn't tell what the outline was wearing besides super high heels and an utter model look of the pose which was far taller and dramatically curved than she was. It wasn't that she was ugly - just a bit too plain. A tight budget didn’t help of course. Another deep seated insecurity that lead her to gaze of fabulous window displays that promised so much. One day she'd have a full make over stylist and all she kept promising herself.

Perhaps the new store was a work in progress and there were much more to come. The window itself was very thick as well and the shadow figure somewhere between the wide panes of glass.

Some very very stylish and modern typography was used on the bottom left corner of the window display in white text. 'DESIRE" it proclaimed in bold script which appeared to glow from within. The store didn't appear to be open as she approached the display. She thought too herself for a moment and realised for that matter there didn't appear to be a door either. Maybe it was on the other side of the city block she mused to herself to explain the enigma. She simply came down the wrong street. Curiosity finally took hold of her and she tapped the glass over outline of the tall mannequin shape.

In a flash of white light the world spun for Lisa as if she was about to faint as her head became light.

In the blink of an eye the window seems to vibrate as the figure on the glass wavers into nothingness and the window becomes in that moment perfectly clear as if it was never there at all.

The pane of glass pushes outward suddenly in one continuos clear solid block like jello which she falls into and stuck like a fly and it absorbs her utterly. Trapped - she is drawn inexorably into its center - the very fabric of the frame as it retracts to its former display, her being being absorbed into the glass block.

As Lisa regains consciousness she hears a woman's warm creamy voice say; "welcome to your Desires. Now on show for all the world to see”.

She feels her limbs tighten up, freezing them into immobility - now posed exactly as the shadow she once touched.

Her clothes melted away and she's left nude and plastic taking on the shadows obvious model stance. All she can do is look out as euphoric and almost orgasmic waves over take her. She's collapse like jello if she wasn't embedded in the window. Bit by bit the thick jello like pane of glass digests her, changing her shape and flesh into that of a mannequin that looks very much her on a new body. Make up, hair and skin is now perfect and flawless. She's still very much nude and poised on her tip toes without heels.

The window, finished with its task, then retreats and deposits her in the center of the display with nothing more in the space. The lights are just perfect so she can see her full length reflection in it and at the same time outside to the street.

‘My god I'm gorgeous she thinks to herself' her makeup now paint on her plastic body, smokey eyeshadow brings out her eyes which are now a far brighter green than they ever were. Sparkling like shiny glass. Perhaps they were?

She's hypnotised by her own reflection and can't stop being locked into a loop of looking at herself. Its like she’s somehow been merged with a blank mannequin, some of her unique features remain - the shape of here eyebrows if styled, the colour of her yes, the dip in the top of her lip. She’s not been erased and replaced by the mannequin - just idealised within it beyond her comprehension. Long lush eyelashes, poutier lips, deeper shaped cheekbones. She has been idealised by mannequins beauty spell.

An hour or so later a door open in the side and she hears a woman 'we have one caught now and she's perfect' to someone in the distance. She can't turn, but can observe whats happening in the massive windows reflection. Her clothes and purse are in a pile in the corner - rejected like a cats coughed up hairball. The owner picks it all ups but goes through her purse first. Turns on the cellphone and looks at the photo’s. She lets out ‘interesting’ to no one in particular.

She approaches Lisa and puts her in a pair of killer 6 inch heels from a new shoebox. Somehow Lisa remains balanced and doesn't topple over during the window dressers attention. She recognises the classic red sole of the Louboutins - worth more than she made during a month and they fit her impossibly perfectly.

'We didn't expect it to work or even make a catch so soon, we barely opened, so we'll need to leave for the day to plan the display now. Thank your for joining us, we'll bring your deepest desires to life.’ smiling as she repeated the windows promise aloud.  Glancing down at Lisa’s phones, swipes to pass through 100’s of mannequin photos there in. ‘We will make you art here' as she caressed Lisequin with the entire world watching. The waves of pleasure shuddered though her still body and if she could move she'd jump this stranger immediately. She looked at Lisa straight in her sparkling green glass eyes and "Yes, your perfect. We needed someone with a certain.... aptitude..." she peeks at the image collection again - ‘Oh and so much work you’ve done for us already - its like you were made for this’ she smiles and laughs.

She leans in and casually kisses her deeply on Lisa's frozen crimson glossy lips, her arms snaking around the back of Lisa's head to hold her tenderly and close to kiss much deeper. This was no night club air kiss, this window dresser had a deep and passionate need for Lisa. Her hand snakes up from behind and a slight tug on her hair and the window dresser has pulls off her short locks as if it was nothing more than a wig. She smiled broadly, giggled a bit to herself and left with Lisa's hair leaving Lisa to stare back at her reflected form looking like so many undressed she had seen countless times before on the streets of Manhattan. A bald tall mannequin waiting to be dressed. No one would know it was her, no one could begin to recognise her. Lisa's new freelance job would just be passed on to someone else.

The window-dresser disappears then re-appears in the display a moment later; ‘We can’t leave you like this now can we?” she holds up a mid back length wavy pink synthetic wig and expertly puts in in place. She then pulls out a wide roll of tinted blue saran wrap and wraps it tightly around the mannequin over and over till an improvised short dress is made. It barely covers her crotch and a a mere double layer is left over her surprisingly detailed nipples. Likewise her pussy isn’t smooth like a dolls it has some shape and detail although still utterly nude. The window dresser notices her eyes examining herself in the reflection and to drive the point home caresses her space bellow then bother her saran wrapped breasts……

Standing back she comments ‘yes that will hold until the formal fitting and dressing - revealing but mysterious, stylish but minimal’. She pulls out Lisa’s mobile and takes several photo’s add to her hundreds of existing mannequin windows.

‘Just one of the New Yorks finest window displays now’ pausing on the way out of the display enclosure with an afterthought ‘Oh, these are such great photo’s I’ll up them to a gallery site so everyone can enjoy them and you… perhaps others will seek you out and we’ll gladly let them be absorbed and join you’

She then takes out her own phone and proceeds to …. ‘just for my own collection, my own enjoyment. Perhaps I’ll publish a book one day?’ winking she leaves.

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