Sunday, October 30, 2016

automated submission in virtual worlds....

the above image is from somewhere on web and years old.  i found when going through an old back up external HDD and there were different shots, close ups and much better res and it prompted me to do this post. first off anyone know the source and have better scans?

reason for it triggering a spark in my head is a) current immobile situ in second life b) trying a google samsung vr thing at a shop c) discovering they are already making first person porn films for it.

yes there's only one so far but right now if you have that or the other devices (MicroSoft just announced one and Sony has one coming) you can enter a 360 video of The Virtual Dungeon.  

do let me know if you try it or have a working solution set up. if you have a really good high res smartphone you just need a google cardboard or the more complex strap on devices (not that type of strap-on). here's on an ebay from HK with ship under 15$ VR BOX Goggles 3D Glasses a really fast and newer mobile will be needed.

is there a way to run second life on the android phone then view in VR? i don't move much in world so it would be neat to try.

also let me know if there are latex and doll fetish VR movies / worlds out there? a first hand induction by the Rubber Sisters would be amazing. think i'll email them..  or perhaps a mannequin pov from a London fetish shop - trapped on display.

this is all new to me so please please post any ideas or links in comments.



blackice said...

I am going to the local VR Meetup on thursday night - so will report back on what I found. I'll introduce the idea to a local latex mistress I filmed with the Rubber Sisters (will also keep them apprised as well).

Still need to take all the 3d footage an build a proper and structured story about it.

Models and Mistresses - like herding cats!!


blackice said...

I shot stills and 360 video of cyborg drawing / body paint and loaded it into my VR headset and it worked so well.

Now for my meeting with local latex dedicated Mistress who has a huge dunegon on the posh side of town known as Hove.


Anonymous said...

blackice said...

just to tease you. This afternoon I finally did a test 360 still and video shoot in a local dungeon. I'll share the link if / where she puts them up.


laycette said...

I have a high res scan of that pic if you'd like...

Asudem Latex said...

laycette yes please! is the email i check regularly


Anonymous said...

the first picture you have posted is Miss Natalia from :)

Second life do not support VR as far as i know about and im in there dayli but think you should be able to get on, on mobile

Blogger said...

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