Wednesday, July 26, 2017

an interesting world.....

i found Zerious Rubber images on deviant art awhile back then tracked back for the complete sets of comics on his blog site. i think its to get over the PG etc settings on deviant art.

in his world for whatever reasons people can easily wear latex doll suits that cover themselves 100% and in both male and female as needed. all his plot lines revolve around this for his comics. now i am not complaining and i'd be the first to jump in but i'm still at a loss of how and why this came to be in his comic universe?

seems to missing various plot points to move it along. or i should just shut up and enjoy them as they got there?

though questions like how long could you wear one? are they rented or owned? does the rubber sisters know? do people wear them all the time? can the be sealed on? if so why?

etc etc etc.

i'm just a curious bunny.


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