Sunday, July 16, 2017

just found an old link...

i tend to collect them and then forget to write them up and post them. so today i revisited; Rubber Doll House on Tumbler. 

fyi; i probably have a years worth of unposted links stashed here and there.

from Doll House i've been saving some shots i liked, and following a few links i wasn't aware of.

i rather like this blouse...

my latex tastes are generally on the wearable chic as i called it. not full on glamour overdose, more the good cuts and styling for over all look and mix and match with normal clothes. parisian chic in latex. not saying i'd go to work in it... but then i wonder if i should of taken up that offer from a german fetish latex shop....

other times my latex can go - dip me deeply in it and never let me out. its a mood thing and well who i'm chatting/communicating with.

and some few (TSG was one, Amanda in SL is another) who can lead/pull me down so fast into subspace... well. i could be their blank canvas to be remade in deep latex surrendering all that i am for them.


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