Friday, July 14, 2017

it all started with a single imae of LADY LATEX GANZ ...

i don't know her and i'm guessing she's German. however her full enveloping and personality erasing latex look and sunglasses made me somewhat weak at the knees so i started to look for her other photo's and a seed of a story started.

its also somewhat related to Andy Latex's nun's series of illustrations and stories. 

i've been working on it on and off and finding related images which I've added here and there to help illustrate my.....  feel free to email this post to her if you know her.

Automated Sisterhood
by Asudem Latex
dedicated to the mysterious Lady Latex Ganz

“Ah, your tattooed on make-up is completely healed pretty doll. Now your lips and eyes will forever look exactly like mine, even if you were to decide to leave us - isn’t that so exciting, my new novice doll? Your freshly implanted breasts should fill out quite rapidly now that the other extreme hormonal adjustments have been started. You were out for three months for surgical recovery while we drip fed all those lovely hormones and special drugs. You’re a bit tall compared to us all, so we’ll make you proportionally more voluptuous so you’ll most likely wind up a C or D. Your barely B cup weren’t really helping you at all now were they?

“You will be perfectly shaped and for your full indoctrination into the Sisterhood of Eternal Latex. Oh, won’t you please give your mistress superior even just a little smile sweetie. After all, its just two days till your final surgical sacrifices that will make you the perfect fit for our dedicated and resolute order. There’s the multiple electrical stimulation and control implants already healed in you… you’ll see. Obedience will be total as well surrender to pleasure we administer as we train and condition you further. The tendon shortening and silicon sole padding means you’re adapted perfectly to our regulation 5 1/2 heels and ballet boots like all of us. Never able to go back to flats even if you left us. You will become indistinguishable from all our idealised Sister’s in Eternal Latex. Another remote controlled doll for our order.”

“One of the newest features we’ve added”

“I know you followed me back from shopping to our lair because you weren’t quite sure if I was human or a living doll from the distance. A heartfelt call and fascination in our glossy fetish trapped you oh so well: ‘What would it take to join them and be like them raced in your mind as your heart and soul burned with deep lust, how do they live like that?’

“Now that we have you - you know and there’s no ever going back. The rabbit hole to eternal latex and the perfected doll is continuous slippery slope and oh so deep”

“Your only an initiate now so you will have to suffer with the demeaning hood and identical mask you now wear till the final surgery and training have healed and your are utterly fluid in your heels. Yet in that time latex euphoria will utterly consume your individual will. It always does. Your compliance is assured my new doll”

“a few months from now it will be time for the final ritual to enter our order. A cast will be made of your actual face and from that a sculpted final latex mask will be made to match, smoothed and yet dollified - separating you from the initiates and marking you as our doll. Completed. A perfected mannequin version of yourself. Some of your attributes will be visible, and idealised and bolder. Just like all Dolls. Its made from a special rare mixture of elements - so far this our secret sacrament we can only use and have enough for masks for those truly willing and committed. Those who’ve seen us and we have seduced.”

“What makes it so special you ask?’ she smiled knowingly. ‘Its ‘biogenic latex’ - which means over time it will actually become your skin and unremovable as it fuses and replaces your skin - consuming and binding with you. It becomes one with you and you with it.’

She could see the awe and shock in your eyes and continued ‘I passed that stage years ago, so to answer the question you thought when you saw me in the mall - I am more latex doll than human now’… pausing for dramatic effect ‘As I know you are destined to be as well…’

She added ‘It was all started as an accident by a dedicated latex fetishist and polychemist who was working on synthetic skins for burn victims started to mix the two elements - after all she thought - they both have the same properties and both organically based. But she went too far and ingested her black liquid concoction. It took over her entire body and so began our Sisterhood. You can see her and the first converts here in all pure shiny black latex, large breasts, flowing skirts and hood. The large glasses cover their eyes - everything you see is black, slick and shiny’. They don’t go out much in public she added as an after thought. “Although our order does frequent European fetish clubs…”

‘They decided to keep working on the formula to perfect it but along the way they realised their breast milk was the next stage and thats the area they continue to develop and are still working on.’

The biogenic masks are far as they could get with the initial formula, but the colour was doll / barbie like and didn’t pass well as actual skin for mass market use. Too uniform tan and shiny of course. Bad for the company but perfect for serious latex fetishists. Which we all are.


Robofish said...

Great story, would read more. :)
Nice to see you posting again!

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