Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4" heel cut off point

i am trying really.. though the last crop of high heels listed on ebay said they were 5"s and turned out not to be. it appears to be a cut off point for most shoe brands. only really high end ones go all the way to 5"s or even start there.

so i'm going to start a folder for 5" required - essentially shoes i like or love the design of - and they're not 5"s or taller. someday i maybe able to get the style recreated.

meanwhile some are very good finds like the bellow:

and soon i'll be the proud owner of a pair of knee high custom pvc wedge heel knee boots so those will arrive any day now. that will solve the issue of how to keep the 5" heel requirements going all year long.



Beyla said...

While not as much an enthusiast for high heels (short feet mean 5" would pretty much put me en pointe) I can totally empathize as a lover of radically deconstructed boots. It's so hard to find what I love. Best of lucks, hon.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "high end"?

Anonymous said...

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