Thursday, April 21, 2011

Natori Female Mask spotted!!!

and yes of course it was spotted on ebay here and this time in the uk although they will ship world wide. auction runs for another week or so at about 150$ starting price.

last time i saw one was a good two years ago and it sold for well over 700$. now that he no longer makes them will it go for more? much more? this one is unused according to the description.

so happy bidding and good luck to any one who wants to join in.



Anonymous said...

The sentence "They are no longer being made or for sale." seems to me a typical ebay-lie to raise the biding.

According to Natori´s webshop most of his masks even seems to be in stock.


Jovina said...

Natori indicated that he will stop making them "for a while" due to the earthquake, but nothing about stopping altogether. As mentioned above... sales hype.

natoris said...