Thursday, January 08, 2015

more rubber doll coverage in the Daily Mail UK newspaper....

'I think I look amazing': Essex barman reveals his secret life as a living doll whose favourite outfit is a full-body rubber suit

anyone seen the documentary? anyone was filmed for the documentary and appeared in it?

its not to be confused with another episode of the same series which is here on youtube complete;

or in fact men that love/date etc actual dolls;

are there any more doll exploitation / car crash tv documentaries out there? do they come anywhere close to the subject?



annelise said...

As one of the commenters on the Daily Mail article pointed out, this is a re-edit of "Secrets of the Rubber Dolls" that aired on Channel 4 (UK) about a year ago. I'm in it and I just wish they had spelled my name right... :)

Doctor Vandelay said...

It was a good documentary, very sweet and respectful. I only wish some of the masks that I made were in it.

Asudem Latex said...

Doctor Vandelay - are you still making masks? if so where can they be bought?


Doctor Vandelay said...

I have some masks on Ebay now, including a brand new design called Farrah. I will have a couple of new designs in the next few weeks as well.

Asudem Latex said...

please post the link here or email me and I'll make an entry on it to gather more PR/Sales for you.

love the Not Betty one.

me ; or


Lean2501 said...

Hey squee! This will be hard for most of you to believe but the barman featured here is well ME lol! You can find me on Dollspride under this user name if you want clarification ^,^ I'm happy it got a positive review here and in the USA where as in Uk it was ├╝ber negative :/

Doc Vandely !!! Didnt know you was still around! I had one of your not Britney masks many years ago when I first started masking. I was hoping you still made them and I'm glad to find out your still in production! Squee !!!

Maria Sturm said...

Hi Lean2501!

I tried to find you on dollspride, but my account is pending approval (, so I'm taking my chance and asking you here!

I saw you in the documentary and also in a book by photographer Jella Lena van Eck. I actually just talked to her.

I especially liked you in the documantary, the way you dressed with the shorts and t-shirt!

I'm also a photographer from Berlin. But I'm currently working on a documentary for Vice about Dolls today. The documentary will consist of three different stories and one of them is about Female Masking. The others are Reborn Babies and Japanese Love Dolls.

I wanted to ask you, if you know any Female Maskers from Germany?
Maybe you know someone who would be intersted, if so please feel free to forward my request. Or maybe you are interested in talking to me?

I’ve attached a video about the Reborn Babies, that already has been shot for a previous documentary (this time only focussing on baby dolls). This could help you understand how our documentary will look like and maybe or hopefully it will catch your interest! Unfortunately it’s only in german, but you can switch on the subtitles and there’s an article written in english that comes with the link:

Please let me know, if you have questions. Looking forward to hear from you! You can find all my contact if you go to my website (

Thanks and all the best,

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