Sunday, February 15, 2015

a bit creepy - a perfect location for a doll horror story?

not sure where i found this. i think it was tied to an article about crappy real estate photos. i could imagine there are life sized converted dolls in the cupboard. before they are shrunk down and sealed in their cases....

feel free to take the idea and run with it for a full on fetish story.


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Anonymous said...

(a starter)

The muted pastels and neatness of the room really don't add up while you're still normal-sized, and fully in control of yourself.

That much would be obvious, any of the dolls would say so if given a chance to.

No, the blandness of the room only makes sense to someone . . . reduced. Condensed to a smaller size, and raw nerves.

It only makes sense if you're made too small to have flaws or indeed, to filter them out of your senses.

If the pinks were brighter they'd hurt, and that is a concern for those who can't close their eyes on their own.