Sunday, February 08, 2015

i woke up thinking about it....

in the wee hrs of the morning and just had to find it. all i remember about the story was its about a visitor to a mysterious theme park finds a latex fetish store and gets dressed and seduced...

i think i actually got up and went to my mac and dug around. finally i found it. The Dreamer’s Masque: Welcome to Eros Park

here's a snippet.

A tiny bell rang sweetly as Lorelie stepped through the door of the latex shop. The sign outside had called it TRANSFORMED Right under that it had said, “Forever in Rubber.”
The inside was even cooler than the square outside. It was a basic shop layout, with racks and shelves of items, a basic wood floor and simple lighting, but the decorations were to die for. In the window display, a slave in red rubber short-shorts and tube-top was hanging by her wrists, watched over by a mistress in a black rubber catsuit. In one corner, by the cash register, there was a mannequin dressed up as a fetish maid all in tight-fitting rubber, posed as if she were dusting the nearby shelves. Overhead, hanging from the ceiling, was a rubber mermaid, swimming across the ceiling. Her sparkling blue-green outfit left her breasts exposed for the world to see and squeezed her legs together into a shimmering latex tail with a big fin at the end holding her feet. Near to the back, among the shelves, was a naked mannequin holding up two different rubber outfits on hangers, looking as though she were pondering which to try on.

follow the link above for the entire story which i was very surprised to see had extra chapters and was finished after its start in 2009!!! happy happy, joy joy!!!

it also explains why if i see a 'Shadow Box' in second life, i'm pretty well there...


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