Sunday, February 08, 2015

paparazzi do not shoot latex well...

just an ongoing bitch of mine about latex shots in the press - mainly european of course as thats where it all is - and its this; direct flashes do not work well on latex!!
and the newspaper editors/writers - 'latex and PVC are not the same thing'

here's the complete 'news' item. i really have no idea who she is besides german.  (the .de gave it away).

the best examples of proper lighting of latex is from famed photographer Bob Carlos Clarke. who shot latex at its shiniest.

no prizes - but who is the well known actress.... ;-)

of course if your having problems remembering how to shoot it properly - a good start is just to think of this classic rock song;

just venting. its not like i'm going to start writing to fashion and newspaper editors 'angry from long island' or anything. i just felt you should all know.



Andy.latex said...

Hi Asudem
Totally agree, the press always say PVC instead of Latex, it is almost as if they do not want to admit they "Get" Latex.

Anonymous said...

rachael weise?